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Written by  Tami Bixby
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 21:30
Anyone interested in growing your business? As many of you know, I am a HUGE proponent of partnerships, promotions, customer loyalty opportunities and giveaways as great mechanisms to accomplish growth.  WHY? How does it works?  
similiar to flipping the funnel.  In a nut shell you get your customers to bring you their friends.  Many times when I encourage business owners to give something away in order to bring people in their doors, their faces turn to shock and awe. But seriously, think about it. If you are invited to come into a place of business and are given a gift to do so, you are highly likely to make the trip. If you like what you experience, you will surely tell others about it and most importantly return again and again!

I've found that the best way to do this is to give the gift away through a current customer or a credible source like a media outlet or cause. I encourage businesses to be involved in promotions and giveaways because of the multiple benefits they provide:
• Exposure to new customers
• Third party credibility by association
• An extended "halo" of good will influence because of how they receive the gift
• Efficient and targeted advertising with high ROI
• the list goes on.

I believe that what you hold to tightly, never increases... but what you hold loosely and give freely, you get back over and over again. You get what you give. I would suggest it is time to give and flip your funnel.  Consider how you can flip the funnel to increase your client base.

Here is what Seth Godin, author and speaker has to say about it in this short video 
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