How Great Leaders Inspire Action Featured

Written by  Tami Bixby
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 09:15
We all want the success of the big guys. Ever wonder how some businesses create it and others just don't? I would suggest that when you don't create what you want, you create excuses to ease the pain of not having it. How many things could you accomplish in your business if excuses weren't an option? What if there were some keys and tips to helping you create those results?

No matter what is happening in the economy or in your community or in your industry I would suggest you can be wildly successful! The video below is one way to look at business. This is a GREAT concept of how some organizations and leaders are able to inspire consumers to purchase while others aren't. What sets apart leaders like Apple and Martin Luther King?

Hopefully you will find this insightful as you look at your business. Check out this 18 minute short video by consultant Simon Sinek:
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